Manufactured sand (M-Sand)

M Sand :

Manufactured sand (M Sand) is artificial sand produced from crushing hard stones into small sand-size angular-shaped particles, washed and finely graded to be used as construction aggregate. It is a superior alternative to River Sand for construction purpose.

P Sand (Plastering M Sand)

P Sand :

P Sand (Plastering M Sand) which is used for wall plastering and brickwork purpose. Proper selection of P sand provides plastering strength to the construction structure. The proper and fine quality of sand material is a must when it comes to providing strength to any sort of building and construction structure.

Blue Metal

Blue Metal is a quarried, crushed aggregate rock that can range in color from blue to black. 10 mm and 20 mm size rocks are typically used when making concrete. The byproduct Blue Metal may replace sand and will be an artificial sand and will be used in construction of buildings. V Mix provides a wide variety of the best ready-mix concrete to the customers based on their requirements, by varying the proportions/combinations of the cement, aggregates, and admixtures.

The process starts by breaking off large chunks of rock from the quarry walls, usually through controlled blasting. This rock is then moved using loaders and trucks to a primary crusher. The crusher reduces the overall size of the material to make it easier to process. It is then transported via a conveyor belt for further processing. A secondary crusher reduces the material size again. It is then put through a sorting or screening process to ensure that the resulting aggregate is of the correct size and shape and to remove impurities. The aggregate is then stockpiled and transported to concrete batch plants or local construction sites where it is required.

Blue Metal-vmixconcrete

Our Process

Our concrete is specialized and made with a mix of cement