V Mix is one of the leading companies in this field and provides customer-centric services to all its clientele.

V Mix has an excellent testing lab that facilitates to equip the plant made from SCHWING Stetter, which allows us to manufacture superior quality concrete. We exercise the quality control of the highest caliber on all materials through rigorous testing, application of stringent controls on process parameters, monitoring of the key properties of concrete in the fresh and hardened state, and deployment of the well-known custom technique to quickly detect any changes in the properties of the ready-mix concrete. All these efforts result in providing uniform and assured quality of best ready-mix concrete to our customers.

Our mix designs are carried out after taking into consideration the quality of locally available best raw materials so as to meet the characteristic strength and durability requirement of the best ready-mix concrete as per IS 456:2000, IS 10262:2009, IS 519:1959, etc. We guarantee the superior quality of the best ready-mix concrete. We also offer test results for 7–28 days of compressive strength.


Our Legacy

More than 30 Years in Business​

1st GEN Contractors

Contribution in the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) with projects that stand as the symbol of traditional quality in construction.

2nd GEN Contractors

Contribution in Central Public Works Department with extension to Public Works Department (CPWD & PWD) where a higher number of prestigious projects.

3rd GEN Contractors

Evolved as a full-fledged Infrastructure development company extending the promise of quality and innovation in construction of structures.