To carry on the business of importing and exporting, trading, producing, crushing, acquiring, buying, selling, treating, processing, developing, re-treating, storing, distributing, transporting, and otherwise dealing in all kinds and classes of stones and mineral substances such as chromite, iron ore, fire clay, manganese, dolomite, and limestone. To carry on in India or elsewhere, the business of prospecting, exploring, operating, and working on mines and quarries, and to win, set crush smelt, manufacture, process, excavate, break, acquire, develop, exercise, turn to account, survey, produce, prepare, remove, undertake, barter, convert, finish, load, unload, handle, transport, buy, sell, import, export, supply, and act as agent, broker, stockiest, distributors, consultants, importers, exporters, contractors, manager, operator, mine owner, or otherwise to deal in all sorts of minerals, their concentrates, products, by-products, substances, derivatives including sands, stones clay, China clay, marbles, stones, granites, iron ore, fine ores, dolomites, coal, lime, bauxite ore, copper ore, rare earth ore, manganese ore, lead, zinc, tin, limestone, brass precious, and other stones, and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of the foregoing objects.